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Background on the Ministry

Background on the Delighting in the Lord ministry. Story of how God brought two women together with a common love for Jesus, His Word and seeing lives transformed by Him. 

In 2006, with the Lord’s call and leading, Stacy Davis began teaching a Thursday morning Bible study for women at her home church, Calvary Chapel Chester Springs. Each Thursday the ladies met for Bible teaching and small group discussion. In 2008, Stacy asked Brenda Harris to pray about joining the Thursday Bible study as a small group leader. That year, Stacy also asked each small group leader to teach one of the weekly sessions. It was then that Stacy and Brenda’s ministry relationship began. The following year, Stacy asked Brenda to pray about joining the teaching team full-time. Prior to serving in this capacity, Brenda answered God’s call years before to “make fisher’s of men” (Matthew 4:19) as God opened the door for a speaking ministry in other churches. Now God would be using Brenda’s gift of teaching in her home church. Unbeknownst to us, God was doing a much larger work as He was laying the groundwork for the Delighting in the Lord ministry. 


For the next two years, Stacy and Brenda taught the women who gathered on Thursday mornings using Bible study materials from other Calvary Chapel churches and authors. In 2010, Stacy was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and Brenda jumped in to be more hands on in women’s ministry. It was during that year that God planted the writing seed in Stacy and Brenda’s heart. Sensing the Lord’s direction to study the book of Matthew the following year, Stacy and Brenda searched for a women’s Bible study on Matthew and found nothing that covered the whole book in a verse by verse format with emphasis on life applications. As Stacy prayed seeking God’s direction, God continued speaking to Stacy’s heart telling her to “write the study.” With much fear and trepidation, Stacy shared this with Brenda who began diligently seeking the Lord. As she sought the Lord, He gave her the READ format vision and then He gave them both Psalm 27:4 which became their ministry verse and foundation: 


“The one thing I ask of the Lord, the thing I seek most, is to live in the house of the Lord all my life, delighting in the Lord’s perfections, and meditating in His temple” (NLT). 


After much prayer and the faith to believe that if God called us, He would equip us;  the Delighting in the Lord Bible Study Series was birthed that year. 


2011 was spent studying and writing “Delighting in the King” a women’s Bible study on the book of Matthew. God brought many to support the work including their Pastor, Chris Swansen, who read every page of the study for Biblical accuracy, a group of ladies who were grammatical editors and a fabulous graphic designer, Melissa Bereda. She designed, and continues designing, all the logos, covers and interior pages, as she too, answered God’s call on her life to use her gifts for God’s glory.  


That year, upon suggestion from the ladies, the Thursday morning teaching sessions were video recorded and the church began putting all the materials online. For the next 4 years, God used Stacy and Brenda to bring forth His Word both in written and spoken form. What began as a simple “Yes, God” became a ministry that teaches God’s Word to women drawing out His truths and life applications. We are simply two women who love Jesus with our whole hearts and lives. We have experienced the power of the cross in our lives and want to tell others of the saving power and grace of Jesus so others can live a life of peace and joy in the midst of life’s chaos. Even more, that others can live with hope knowing their eternal home with Jesus awaits. Since its beginnings in 2009,  Stacy and Brenda have written Bible studies on the books of Matthew, Romans, 1,2 & 3 John, Ruth, Jonah/Nahum and 1 & 2 Samuel/Psalms through the Delighting in the Lord Bible Study series. We have been humbled hearing testimonies of God’s transforming work of the Holy Spirit as women have used these studies to study God’s word. 


In 2015, the Lord, began speaking to our hearts once again about a new Bible study format that teaches the women how to study the Bible for themselves in a simple, effective way while still focusing on life application. The “Simply R.E.A.D.” study will debut this year as the Thursday women study through the gospel of John with this new format. 


In addition, this year, following the Lord’s direction, the Delighting in the Lord ministry website was developed and launched in hopes of reaching a wider audience of women with the life changing, life empowering, life giving truth of God’s Word. May your time here bring encouragement and give you tools to either start your journey with Jesus or strengthen your relationship with Him. When you leave, may you leave “delighting in the Lord” for who He is and all that He has done for you. We are always here to come alongside of you in your journey and pray for you. Please email us if you are interested in any of the Delighting in the Lord resources, Bible Studies or for prayer and encouragement.