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DITL Ministry Home

Delighting in the Lord Ministries exists to encourage women in their pursuit and walk with God. Through Bible studies, Biblical teaching and blog posts, we pray DITL is a resource for women seeking to know Jesus, walk with Jesus and be transformed by the power of His Word. 


The one thing I ask of the Lord - 

the thing I seek most - 

is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,

Delighting in the Lord's perfections

and meditating in His temple. 

Psalm 27:4

Delighting in A Life Lived For God: A Study on the book of 1 Peter

Suffering, trials and persecution, they are all aspects of the Christian life and can range from a subtle rocking on unsettled seas to a full-blown tsunami threatening to devastate us.  Peter knows a little something about stormy seas and a whole lot about the only sure anchor for our windblown boats. Living much of his life fishing on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus called Peter from his boat to a life lived serving God and His people. Having walked beside Jesus, Peter speaks to us from this relationship with tenderness, compassion and hope. A life lived for God will not leave us drowning in the storms of life but rather as we pursue a deeper walk with the Lord, a life lived for Him will leave us perfected, established, strengthened and settled (1 Peter 5:10). No matter what storm you are facing today, Christ will meet you in that storm and gently carry you to His safe shores. First Peter will show you how precious you are to Christ and how precious your proven faith is in the midst of suffering.

A more detailed and in-depth Bible study with either four or five days of homework. The studies in this series follows the R.E.A.D format of Receive, Experience, Act and Delight. As you read through the given chapter/verses for that day and week, you will answer questions about the text and go to other areas in God's Word looking at similar themes or events. Next you apply the verses in a very personal way by answering questions pertaining to the theme drawn out from that day. You end the day's study with a verse we've chosen that wraps up the day as you delight in God's Truth's and goodness. These studies take about 30 minutes a day to complete. They are verse by verse through different books of the Bible. 
If you would like to watch any of the recorded messages from the previous studies, you can do so by clicking the above box. Another web page will open at our church's website. Here you can listen and watch teachings through the books of Matthew, Romans, 1-3 John, Ruth, Jonah/Nahum, and 1 & 2 Samuel, John and Acts.