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About Stacy

Stacy Davis, co-founder of Delighting in the Lord ministries. Bible teacher and women's Bible study author. She is the wife to an amazing husband and mother to five boys (one with Jesus) and a little girl. Loves to share the redemptive story of God's love and see women fall in love with Jesus living lives sold out to Him. 

Hi. So glad you stopped by. 

If you stay awhile, you’ll soon learn that I’m a story teller. I’m into the details. I’m a ‘let me paint you a picture with my words, not leaving anything out, kind of story teller.’ I like real, authentic, genuine, messy stories about life. And I love more than anything to tell of the beauty that God makes when we invite Him into our mess and our life stories. I can take or leave fiction, take or leave mysteries, and for a long time, I wasn’t a big fan of fairy tales probably because my young life didn’t have a lot of happily ever afters.

I was the second born living in upstate NY with my parents and older sister. At the age of three, I learned that I would be a big sister. Toward the end of my mom’s pregnancy with girl number three, she had a brain aneurism. I remember the day. I have details etched in my head and heart. Life forever changed. Never again would my mom be the same. But what stayed the same was her love for Jesus. A love that brought her through brain surgeries, rehabilitation, and an eventual divorce 3 years later.  A single mom to three young girls, in a wheel chair and never to work again. She was my example of steadfast faith, strong determination, and sacrifice. But having had her frontal lobe removed, she also lost her ability to express many emotions. The emotions that usually surfaced were  anger and frustration. My childhood world left me confused. Having received Jesus Christ into my heart while kneeling next to my mother’s bed at the age of six, I grew up hungering for Jesus but often pushing Him away. I so wanted this Jesus to come into my mess and make it better and yet, I kept Him at arms distance. I wanted the fairy tale but was afraid to participate, as crazy as that sounds.  

In 1989, at the age of 16, while living with my mom in Virginia, my Prince Charming came. For the first time, I knew a love that held no condition, placed no expectation and made me feel secure. If you know the story of Ruth from the Bible, Barclay was my Boaz. And yet, as strange as it sounds, like my relationship with Jesus, I kept Barclay at arms distance too. His love was foreign to my jaded and hurt heart. I didn’t know how to receive it for fear that once I did, his love would be gone. But I danced the dance with him wanting so much to enter into the unknown while fear was always whispering in my ear. 

We dated through high school and then long distance while at college. He was in Syracuse (my former hometown) and I was in Pittsburgh. It was in Pittsburgh that God would sow my story telling seed. I majored in English Writing and Communications and wanted nothing more than to be a newscaster. I remember being a young girl, watching the news and desiring to tell the world what was going on around them. God grew that desire by surrounding me with writing opportunities, public speaking skills and an eventual internship at a local advertising agency. Even more, God took down the barriers that kept me from truly embracing my relationship with Barclay and one month after college graduation we became husband and wife. 

I told you I like details. If you’ve stuck with me to this point, I’m assuming you like details too! Maybe you’re a story teller?  I’ll try to fast forward. 

We moved to NY so my husband could pursue graduate school. I jumped into an advertising position at a local newspaper and two short years later, just before my husband was to give his graduate dissertation, we learned baby number one was on the way and my days of working came to an end. Not quite the five year plan we had in mind, but God's plan nonetheless. 

That pregnancy would begin a six year journey with God of really messy and really hard living.  A life-threatening pregnancy resulted in a 10 week premature baby boy, financial hardship, and a disconnected marriage. In the years following there would be two more healthy baby boys, and then with baby number 4, we learned halfway through the pregnancy that my unborn son had a fatal genetic defect. The doctors said he would be lucky to make it to term. Sure didn’t seem like a fairy tale.  In 2002, upon hearing the doctor deliver those shattering words of my son’s diagnosis, my world came crashing in. I entered a faith crisis. And yet, God used it all to light a fire in me for Jesus. To break the idols of my heart. And take the unrealized expectations from my past and put all my hope, my dreams, my marriage, my children, my life into His all encompassing, ever-loving, faith-filled hands. The undoing in my heart and life was the beginning of His redoing as He showed me in real, personal and authentic ways how He alone writes the fairy tale. He turns ashes into beauty.  Our son, Joshua, entered this world on his scheduled due date. God was gracious. We were blessed with almost four months with our boy. 

Once that Holy Spirit fire was lit inside me, this girl was on fire. God soon called me to lead a neighborhood Bible study. Shortly after I started a Bible study at my church for moms. And then as the moms asked for more and I looked to God for that 'more,'  He called me to be their Bible teacher.  A few years later, He called me to begin writing Bible studies. Can you feel my fear and trembling? 

Here we are today. A girl who loves Jesus more than anything and loves to tell others of His life changing power. Who loves to be the open book of God’s love story, but even more, open THE BOOK, His Holy Word and retell the accounts of the people in the Bible and of Jesus. Long ago, I thought I would tell the world’s news. Little did I know, how God was teaching and preparing me to go and tell the world His Good News. 

I do believe in happy endings and I like love stories. I like seeing the seemingly rejected be accepted and loved. I love seeing the light bulb go off in women's hearts as they grasp God's Truth in a new way and it affects the way they live, the choices they make. I love seeing God heal, restore, reconcile, and revive.  This is what God does with us. With God, His love for us demonstrated through the life and death of His Son, Jesus, is no tall tale. It is the real, life-giving true love story and the power behind happy endings.  And I love nothing more than to tell others the nitty-gritty details of our Savior, Jesus; to see women catch the fire, and live the abundant “fairy tale” life God created them for. This fairy tale life is possible for everyone and has the best happy ending…..eternal life with Jesus. 

What is your God story? I’d love to hear it. 

Oh, and one more detail, in case you really made it to the end. I love being a wife and mom more than anything in this world. Married to my high school sweet heart for 21 years. Six children aged 9-18.  A Golden Retriever named Lily and the most beautiful, blessed life I could ever ask for. 

Much love to you,